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Transport Logistics

Anyone wishing to transport efficiently must find a way of combining suitable equipment with qualified staff and optimum planning. Carryfour logistics help you reach your goals; even if one of them happens to be customer satisfaction.

Cargo Movers

As of today CarryfourLogistics achievements are landmark on the skyline of all major Regions of India. South India Freight Carriers is having own Established Branches are covering most of the major camp in India manned by latest technical & qualified people. Carryfour Logistics is a sole trader management organization.

Road Transport

The company is successfully performing the task of carrying the consignments to every nook and corner of the country. The safety, swiftness and precision are ensured by maintaining a constant eagle eyed vision on all the operations. The company manages and maintains a day to day follow up and personal touch with its clientele thereby relieving their tension. The services are rendered by a team that is highly professional in its approach; nevertheless it is so personalized that the esteemed clients, feel most comfortable. The company ensured that there is no communication gap between it and its clients, for which the officials of the company are duly equipped with mobile phones and email systems. We are currently providing daily reporting system through email & SMS to all our prestigious clients. The company acquaints its staff with all novel inventions and improvements in the fields related with the transport industry and correspondingly provide them the necessary training for upgrading their output. The company effectively engages itself in transporting express cargo Time bound goods to full CONTAINERS LOAD (i.e.20 ft /24 ft /28 ft multi axel (14mt)/32ft.

Conventional Transport

CarryfourLogistics optimally meets your requirements for transporting full and less-than-full container loads as well as bulk goods. Not only do we maintain our own equipment pool, we also make sure it is state-of-the-art. Whether mega liner, taut liner or box vehicles: our vehicle fleet is equipped to meet almost every need.

Linked to a web-based transport management system, we deploy these capacities as efficiently as possible for all your transport needs. From order capture, via tour planning to freight cost invoicing, we take to the road for you with modern IT standards and highly qualified drivers. On-board telematics systems make route and vehicle data transparent and ensure reliable tracking of your shipments.

Plan with our capacities – we’ll take care of your transportation requirements.

Intermodal Transport

The best way in the transport chain often lies in linking modes of transport. While rail transport is the most economical solution for hinterland connections with high volumes, road transport is the number one for shorter distances, particularly for local distribution or regions with weak infrastructure.

Contract Logistics

As logistics providers. In every production step that we, as cooperation partners assume for our customers, we attach great importance to the highest quality. Certified processes, environmentally friendly technologies, modern IT standards.

Procurement Logistics

Supplying the desired product quickly, punctually and reliably is an important service commitment. The ability to deliver on this promise will make you a market winner. Carryfour Logistics procurement logistics enables you to efficiently turn this commitment to service into reality for your customers. We see to it that your raw materials, consumables and supplies or merchandise are available where they are needed, when they are needed.

For our customers we will, if desired, also assume the role of lead logistics provider, with coordination of suppliers and forwarders via a control Centre. Whatever your requirements today, tomorrow or in the future: we deliver so that you can deliver

Personnel Logistics

In logistics, qualified employees are always in demand, not only at seasonal peak times. Due to the increasing demand for workforce, we have provided a solution by having two personnel service agencies under the Compass Logistics International Group who will cover your personnel requirements in all commercial and industrial segments. Whether you need additional staff on a short-term basis or are looking to fill a permanent post, as personnel logistics provider, our specialists will check qualifications, select and recruit suitable staff.

Warehouse Logistics

High goods availability is not a question of high stock levels. What is far more important is the process dynamics between storage and retrieval. How much time is needed between order entry and shipping? How efficient is pre-commissioning?

Carryfour Logistics operates warehouse with state-of-the-art facilities, for a wide variety of goods and dangerous goods classes. It also operates a secure warehouse with video surveillance. IT-controlled processes and automated materials handling systems guarantee fast, paper-free movement of goods. Space capacities create room for the extended workbench. Trained staff generate added value.

Are you looking for storage facilities or a supply center that can be directly connected to your factory? Would you like to tie in your online shop or order management with an efficient warehousing concept? AtCarryfour Logistics I we accommodate all your wishes and ideas – in the first row.

Project Logistics

Exceptional transport requirements demand exceptional service quality. You need to move complete industrial plants, heavyweight modules, wind turbines or dangerous goods? Carryfour Logistic will take care of your project. Promptly? Sure.

Supply Chain Management

We tie up the loose ends of the supply chain to create a network that protects your production against failures, and enhances your service performance by integrating your suppliers, transport processes and production locations via a central platform. All steps in the supply chain – from cut-off to delivery to the consignee – are continuously monitored and seamlessly tracked. And all the time we stay one step ahead of your ordered goods: we notify you in advance of any changes from the planned delivery times, allowing you to respond in a timely manner. Process steps are standardized to eliminate sources of error. Data and information flow electronically. What makes our supply chain management so special? As an international logistics provider, we are at home in your procurement markets.


The company (Possesses) a healthy fleet of 400 vehicles, which includes 28 ft/ 32ft/ single and multi-axel containers. All the drivers are regularly updated, trained and informed of new driving techniques and routes. We also have our own servicing system due to which incoming vehicles are immediately corrected with minor flaws before sending them to our clientele. Average age of fleet is maintained between 4-5 years to ensure that new vehicles replace old vehicles to reduce transit time. Average Transit Times taken for Karnataka / Tamilnadu is 5-6 Day’s. All the drivers are also passed on incentives to ensure that turnaround time is met and healthy spirit is maintained. All our drivers carry mobile phones to provide online status of Material to our clients. Emission certificate, valid driving license, availability of two drivers in each vehicle if must. The Company, in tune with changing times and for maximum consumer satisfaction, maintains a close watch on all the operations, with the aid of Electronic Mailing System, Computers, fax and Internet etc. We are currently using GPS Facility on our own fleet, which gives us real time tracking of containers.

Provision for Escort

The company, at the requests of its clients, arranges for carrying, on board, an escort, or courier or personal attendant, along with the consignments due to transportation, who gives on transit information to our valued clients. Presently FORTY no of employees are dedicated for above job who accompany vehicles with roaming cell and gives day to day feed back to clients regarding status of material. Above service is provided at very reasonable costs to our clients.

Provision for Urgent/Speedy Delivery

The Company arranges for urgent, time bound delivery of consignments, through its special fleet, subject, however, to payment of meager incentive over and above the freight. Such incentive is nothing, when compared to the gain; the company has consignments Ex-Delhi to Bangalore, in 75 hours flat at various times. However, these tasks are undertaken, subject to natural / other calamities.